one4all gift car for google play

Redeem one4all card to Google Play account

How to use a One4all gift card on Google Play.

The One4all gift cards are a multi-store gift card that can be loaded from £15 to £100. You can then send or hand the gift card to the delighted recipient, who can then use the gift card balance as payment at a large number of outlets.

The advantage of Multi-Store cards is that they are not tied to one particular shop. This gives the recipient a choice of shops from which to purchase. One of the stores available to One4all is Google Play.


But it can be challenging actually to get the One4all credit onto your Google Play account. If you search for help, you are directed to a 1.5-star app on Google Play. Having such a low review rating is a red flag; avoid poorly scored apps because you have to perform very badly to make less than 2 stars.


I installed the app despite the low review scores and warnings from the reviewers, but the app wouldn't allow me to register, so I couldn't follow the recommended instructions to use the gifted One4all credit on the Google Play store,

Add as a visa debit.

Other advice that pops up on a search is to use the card numbers on the One4all card as if it were a Visa debit card. The CVV2 is behind a silver scratch panel on the back of the card, with the 16 digits and expiry date present on the front. This looked promising, and the numbers were entered into Google Play - add a payment method, Add credit or debit card. The authorisation fails after adding the One4All card details.


There is a solution to the problem of adding one4all card to the Google Play account, and it isn't any of the suggestions above.

What you have to do is convert the One4all gift card into a Google Play card. This is quite simple to complete online, and despite the warning it may take 24 hours, the Google Play gift card number arrived in a matter of seconds by email.


  • To convert the One4all card to a Google Play store code, visit the site.
  • Enter the card details into the form.
  • Select Google Play as your gift card
  • Chose how much you want to spend on the One4all balance
  • Enter your email address twice
  • Check the email address is correct
  • Press 'Check Out'
  • Wait for the email from One4all
  • Open the link in the One4all email
  • You will be presented with a Google Play code
  • Copy the Google Play code
  • Tap the link to open the Google Play app - redeem a code screen.

You will now have your chosen portion or all of the One4all balance on your Google Play balance. The same amount has reduced the One4all balance. There are no charges or deductions for exchanging One4all cards for Google Play balance when it's all done online. No physical Google Play vouchers are delivered; just the codes are generated for copying and pasting into the Google Play app.

24 Hours

There was are warning that the conversion can take up to 24 hours, but after hitting the checkout button, our code was delivered in a matter of seconds.

No need to install the one4all app, no new visa card details for the Google Play app, just a simple, free and official One4all conversion of the codes.





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