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    Advertise here Random-looking things appearing in the logs are explained. Breakdown Here is a breakdown of the code step by step. This code is an example of an SQL injection attempt, and it's designed to manipulate an SQL query. and/**/convert(int,sys.fn_sqlvarbasetostr(HashBytes('MD5','1212093799')))>'0 Manipulate SQL The goal of this code is to try to manipulate an existing SQL…

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    and (select'1'from//cast (md5(1728821472) as//int))>'0

    Advertise here Odd random stuff appearing in the weblogs gets explained. SQL Injection attempt The code is an SQL injection attempt. SQL injection is a type of security vulnerability that occurs when an attacker is able to manipulate the SQL query being executed by a web application, typically by inserting malicious SQL code into user-provided…