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Does Microsoft pay to show ads on your website?

Microsoft advertising has been missing for a long time from the list of advertisers that want to pay you to show their ads on your site. But things are changing.

Microsoft is inviting a number of small sites to join the waitlist for Microsoft Ads. These are ads for publishers of websites where a small snippet of code is included on your WordPress website blog to show ads to your visitors. You get paid for each time one of your visitors clicks an advertisement.


Microsoft Ads want to appeal to your visitors, so they will only show highly relevant and quality ads on your site through their code snippet. This way, you get the best price for every click because the advertisers will pay more for high-quality traffic from your site. Yes, you can make money from your blog!

Who can apply?

Microsofts BING! Ads are not just for huge traffic websites. They are looking for smaller blogs and sites. They are willing to work with 'any small publisher or blog looking to build their audience and make it profitable through native ads' (subject to approval). Yes, Microsoft wants to show ads on your site and pay you for the privilege.

Is my blog suitable for Microsoft ads?

Microsoft is looking for 'sites focused on travel, entertainment, sports, food, finance, auto, community, news, telecom, and others'. That's a fit for your website? Even the one you have not started yet.... Make space for Microsoft advertising.

Low traffic sites

Even if you don't have a very popular site, one that is very niche is being sought for advertising. Microsoft says that 'anyone looking to monetize their site with an easy code-on-page solution' and there are 'no revenue or volume minimums'. This is a good sign for smaller, more niche, lower-traffic blogs and sites.


So what does all this cost?
Microsoft says there is 'no cost to sign up'.

The advertising fee that Microsoft takes from the advertiser is split between the publisher (you) and themselves. The better and more relevant ads that Microsoft shows on your site, the more money they make and the more you receive.


What's the catch?

Microsoft is only looking for US-based site owners, but they indicate that the service will be opened to other countries as the beta progresses.

How do you start to show Microsoft ads?

Easy, visit the Microsoft BING! Ads publisher page and fill out the form to join the waitlist.





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