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  • Why does Google think my site is unhelpful?

    Why does Google think my site is unhelpful?

    Google bot as the smiling assassin deeming your site to contain only unhelpful content and removes your website from the google result page.

  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads

    Does Microsoft pay to show ads on your website? Microsoft advertising has been missing for a long time from the list of advertisers that want to pay you to show their ads on your site. But things are changing. Microsoft is inviting a number of small sites to join the waitlist for Microsoft Ads. These…

  • The Story of Google Search

    The Story of Google Search

    Google Search is the most popular search engine in the world, revolutionising how we find information. But how did Google Search come to be? What are its origins? And how has it evolved? Google, the world's most widely used search engine, has become an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses. However, the story of Google's…

  • WordPress Categories or Tags

    WordPress Categories or Tags

    Running a WordPress site can be rewarding. But getting to grips with the basics can be challenging. The difference between categories and tags is one example. Should the post have a tag and a category, or which is best, a tag or a category? What if I have the same tags as categories to ensure…

  • Is ChatGPT AI Bot Bad for Ranking?

    Is ChatGPT AI Bot Bad for Ranking?

    Getting to the top of google is the main goal for a website. Having new tools available like the AI powered Large Language Models can help you move up the ranks.

  • Getting indexed by Google

    You have a website and you want it to appear on the google search engine. This is a very common request and some are more successful than others in getting their website added to the big G. Great Content You have great content, but there is more to engaging with google than just your unique…

  • Bing Not Indexing Site

    The site has been well received by google, you have top placements from the big G and you must admit that google loves you. On the other hand, Bing! is not a fan, it doesn't see any value in your site and considers it spam. Sounds familiar?