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  • Duplicate H1 tags on categories and tags

    Duplicate H1 tags on categories and tags

    WordPress SEO checking tools can show ‘Duplicate H1 tags’. Further investigation shows that the same H1 tag is used for page1/page2/page3 etc. Duplicate H1 H1 is usually the site title and show the search engine what the most important part of the page is. This should be the top, the first paragraph of information should […]

  • Getting indexed by Google

    You have a website and you want it to appear on the google search engine. This is a very common request and some are more successful than others in getting their website added to the big G. Great Content You have great content, but there is more to engaging with google than just your unique […]

  • Bing Not Indexing Site

    The site has been well received by google, you have top placements from the big G and you must admit that google loves you. On the other hand, Bing! is not a fan, it doesn’t see any value in your site and considers it spam. Sounds familiar?