Ford C MAX OBD port location RHD

OBD port location on the Ford C-MAX

Where is the elusive OBD2 port located on the 2011 model Ford C Max?

Hopefully, the picture will help you locate the Second Generation C-MAX OBD port hidden behind a fold-down flap under the lighting control switch.

Ford C MAX OBD port Location

The arrow points to my NEXAS NexLink Bluetooth 5.0 OBDII Scanner (from Amazon) connected to the C-MAX OBD Port that sends data to my phone. This allows the information on the car to be read into the phone for diagnostics; the app for this is FORSCAN. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows, designed for connecting to Ford vehicles, including the C-MAX.

OBD Port location

The OBD port is hidden behind a hinged plastic panel. The easiest way to open that plastic flap is to open the driver's door to access the edge of the top of the cover and pull it towards you. This pull will release the plastic clips and allow the cover to hinge down. With the flap down, the OBD adaptor plugs into the socket, but you may have to rotate it as the plug will only match the socket in one orientation.


You need to give the adaptor a good tug to detach the OBD reader from the C MAX OBD port. Pulling the plug from the socket takes more force than you may expect. With the OBD adaptor released from the OBD port, the flap and be hinged back into the vertical position, and a firm push will re-engage the clips that hold it in place.

Close the OBD flap

Closing the cover with a device attached to the OBD port is impossible. You can remove the flap to drive the car with the OBD device attached, for example, while conducting live data tests or for black box insurance. You can unclip the flap at the bottom right hinge, and the bottom left will be free when you move the flap to the right.






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