Replace lost garage door remote opener fob

Remote garage door reprogramming instructions


Chamberlain, Liftmaster (Professional), Merlin and many more remote garage door fob reprogramming instructions.

Losing the garage opener remote control is not a huge disaster, as you may have first thought; we were in a similar position with both Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door openers that went missing with other keys.

Source the replacements

Finding the replacements was easier than first thought. The fobs are available (here) to buy and need programming to pair them with the door-opening motor. You can match the fob by the look, as in the 'Bear Paw' Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional in the featured image. But many other original-looking garage door opener remote fobs are available (on Amazon), and even more aftermarket, universal learning fobs.


Each replacement has the programming instructions included, but the instructions are unclear. I have attached instructions to help you get the new door opener with your garage or gate opener.

If you have lost, rather than damaged, a remote garage door or gate opener control, you would be advised to delete the pairings of the lost controls. This would render the missing fobs from functioning should they become found and an attempt made to gain entry.

Follow the Deletion steps below before adding new remote opener fobs to your system.

Pairing Steps

  1. Locate the ORANGE button under the light cover or on the rear of the door lifting motor. The ORANGE button puts the garage door opener into learning mode. The learning mode will allow the electronics inside to accept the new fob as one that can control the opener.
Liftmaster garage opener programming button arrowed

2. Press one of the buttons on your new remote handset. Continue to press this button while you work through steps 3 and 4.

3. Press and release the ORANGE Learn button while holding a button on your remote handset.

4. Release the button on your new remote

5. If successful the light on the unit will turn on.

Your new remote is now programmed.

If the programming has been unsuccessful, repeat the steps from the beginning. After a few failed attempts, check or change the battery in the new key fob. The advantage of the green buttoned version is that a green light indicates the signal is being sent. Hence the battery is good.


Please note on most remote fobs, the Number 3 and Number 4 buttons have the same function. When you program one, the other will have the same function.

Deleting remote fob instructions

Press and hold the 'Learn Delete' button on the garage door opener for 6 seconds until the light flashes. All the remote handsets are now deleted.





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