storm the internet

What has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

But is the latest thing to storm the internet?

That would be ChatGPT the Large Language Model (LLM) Artificial Intelligent (AI) Chat Bot.

Why so clever but so unaware?

The ChatGPT has been trained on a huge amount of information found on the internet and gathered over 570GB of text. This all takes time and doesn't happen instantly. The crawling, indexing and then learning all has a time cost. So while the data is huge, it just can't keep its finger on the pulse.

Search Engines

Search engines can see the queries typed into it in real time. As questions are asked of a search engine, those questions are logged. A search engine can be much more up-to-date with trending queried events. While backed up by a large database of constantly updated information.


The AI bot is great at answering some sorts of questions, particularly tech based things but it can go much further afield than that. If you have not tried to use the ChatBot then give it a go. The tool is no different to asking a search engine your question, but you may be surprised by the answer. Find the ChatGPT here. But there are other AI Chatbots that the public have access to other than the GPT. Google is trialling the bard chat (currently in testing) and Microsoft is incorporating AI into its search engine.

We asked ChatGPT this:

what is the date of your most recent store of information?

My knowledge cutoff is 2021-09, which means that I have been trained on data up until that date. However, I continue to learn and improve based on the conversations I have with users like you. So while my knowledge may not include events or information that have occurred after September 2021, I can still provide you with helpful responses based on my training and ongoing learning.

Not only Chat

While the AI Chat is something to be seen another revolution is happening around us. That is AI Art. The AI bot has learned to paint, draw and charcoal to bring you on demand - high-quality art from just a few written words.

See our post on AI-generated awesome free images to see what the fuss is all about and have some fun creating art from the text.






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