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  • Bots visiting.

    Bots visiting.

    Advertise here You may see some very old browsers or misconfigured UserAgents for browsers in your logs. These odd user agents are seen visiting from IP addresses and ASNs linked to Hosting companies. You can expect these to be some bot, a computer script that visited websites for whatever reason the person that has decided…

  • and/**/convert (int,sys.fn_sqlvarbasetostr(HashBytes ('MD5','1212093799')))>'0

    and/**/convert (int,sys.fn_sqlvarbasetostr(HashBytes ('MD5','1212093799')))>'0

    Advertise here Random-looking things appearing in the logs are explained. Breakdown Here is a breakdown of the code step by step. This code is an example of an SQL injection attempt, and it's designed to manipulate an SQL query. and/**/convert(int,sys.fn_sqlvarbasetostr(HashBytes('MD5','1212093799')))>'0 Manipulate SQL The goal of this code is to try to manipulate an existing SQL…

  • and (select'1'from//cast (md5(1728821472) as//int))>'0

    and (select'1'from//cast (md5(1728821472) as//int))>'0

    Advertise here Odd random stuff appearing in the weblogs gets explained. SQL Injection attempt The code is an SQL injection attempt. SQL injection is a type of security vulnerability that occurs when an attacker is able to manipulate the SQL query being executed by a web application, typically by inserting malicious SQL code into user-provided…

  • Why does Google think my site is unhelpful?

    Why does Google think my site is unhelpful?

    Google bot as the smiling assassin deeming your site to contain only unhelpful content and removes your website from the google result page.

  • This video has not been configured to be allowed on this domain.

    This video has not been configured to be allowed on this domain.

    Advertise here You are expecting to see a video, but all you get is this message in white text on a black background: 'This video has not been configured to be allowed on this domain.' The error messages relates to a Cloudflare-hosted video, and it is in the control of the webmaster. If you are…

  • Redeem one4all card to Google Play account

    Redeem one4all card to Google Play account

    Advertise here How to use a One4all gift card on Google Play. The One4all gift cards are a multi-store gift card that can be loaded from £15 to £100. You can then send or hand the gift card to the delighted recipient, who can then use the gift card balance as payment at a large…

  • How to view AWStats on Plesk?

    How to view AWStats on Plesk?

    Advertise here If you are running your website on Plesk and want to view the visitor statistics, you can use the AWStats program that reads the relevant log files and produces nice HTML tables of visitors and their relevant numbers. AWStats AWStats is installed by default on Plesk hosting. You can set the login page…

  • Humax Terms and Conditions Blank.

    Humax Terms and Conditions Blank.

    Advertise here The Privacy Policy screen is black, and you cannot proceed with setting up your Humax box. There are no words where you would expect to see the terms and no option to carry on or skip. If you return, you start the channel scan again but still can't pass the Humax terms screen.…

  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads

    Advertise here Does Microsoft pay to show ads on your website? Microsoft advertising has been missing for a long time from the list of advertisers that want to pay you to show their ads on your site. But things are changing. Microsoft is inviting a number of small sites to join the waitlist for Microsoft…

  • How Smart Meters Work

    How Smart Meters Work

    Advertise here Unlock the Power of Smart Metering: A Closer Look at the Future of Energy Management Some Acronyms IHD - In-Home Display (like the Trio 3)WAN - Wide Area Network (like the Internet)HAN - Home Area Network (like Zigbee)DCC - Data and Communications Company (like a Coordinator)SMETS1 - Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (Version…