No ITVX app available on TV

Upgrading the old ITV Hub to ITVX is not possible. There is no ITVX app available in the Samsung store, and ITV Hub has disappeared, and there is no ITVX.

These problems recently occurred for a few people looking to use the new ITV streaming option. Billed as the freshest television programming, ITVX allows you to watch ITV programs as catch-up TV by streaming the channels over the internet.


ITVX is the new name for the ITV Hub, but it's more than just a name change. A lot of money has been spent on the new launch of ITVX, and everyone has been urged to upgrade from ITV Hub to the new ITVX. But not everyone can get ITVX on their television, even if ITV Hub was previously used to stream television.

Samsung TV

A common problem is with some slightly older, flat-screen Samsung TVs. They work with ITV Hub but not with ITVX. Samsung support is very good at updating their hardware, and the televisions are no different. Unfortunately, no Samsung TV update can fix ITVX if your television is currently up to date,

Automatic Updates

Samsung TVs will automatically update, but so will many other brands of the top tier manufacturers. If the automatic update isn't working, you can perform a full factory reset and start the auto-update process. Unfortunately, you may find that ITVX is still unavailable, and the ITV Hub icon has disappeared.


Some television cannot run the ITVX app, which is why it is not available in the app store. The new ITVX app has been redesigned to take advantage of the hardware in the newer televisions. Unfortunately, this means that although you may be able to run the old ITV Hib, your television can not run ITVX. This leads you to find that ITVX is not available.

The ITVX fix

If your television software is up to date and ITVX is unavailable (even if ITV Hub was), then you may not be able to use ITVX on your television as it is. There is no magic file to download, no USB stick fix, and no files sent by email; it's all hardware. You need to replace the television.

Other options are to use an Amazon Firestick or a NowTV box capable of running ITVX and connect your TV to the external stick/box. While not ideal, it works because the ITVX app is not running on the television but on an external device.






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