Springboarding with AI chatbot with LLM


Springboarding is using an AI Chatbot like Bard or ChatGPT to be your brainstorming partner. You can use the responses from the LLM bot outputs to give you ideas.

Feed the ideas

The power comes from feeding the ideas you have been inspired to have by the AI bot back into the bot.

ChatGPT will build on what it has written and include your suggestions. This makes the AI much more powerful because the output is now a hybrid AI and Human brain composition. You are steering the AI in the direction you want and getting content without so much effort.

Clever Human

With the springboarding effect the human brain can do the clever thinking. Ideas are given to the AI LLM bot that then does the donkey work of typing, adding grammar, making sentences, paragraphs and lists. While you supply the clever bits, the human ideas.

Reading back what the AI has given you can spark further ideas to include or change in the generated text. Feed back the edits, ask for an inclusion or expansion of a subject. Throw some ideas at the AI and feed from those. Use the AI like a tool but you don't have to settle with the first response.


It is easy to copy and paste the various outputs of the AI into an mix'n'matched completely new passage of text. Take the best parts from various tools to combine a powerful post made up of more than just the first draft.

Hybrid Text

Hybrid text is where AI LLM Bot like ChatGPT or Bard can help you along, but not fully supplies all the text. There are times when you have a short text but need some more paragraphs. AI can step-up and add some. You then get a hybrid page based on human text and AI text, the best of both can really help you along when the words get thin.

As long as the writing meets the E-E-A-T rules then it doesn't matter if AI wrote one or 10 paragraphs. The ideas came from you and that is the important factor that will make your site stand out.

Springboarding to 'brainstorm' with your AI tools to produce better presented and more in-depth articles about the subjects you love.





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